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JP Moves You was founded in October of 2011, by Jourdain Piltzmaker.


Born Jourdain Piltzmaker, and raised in Toronto, Ontario, JP always appreciated the beauty of the city he grew up in. 

As a teenager, he was no stranger to the moving life... he was a delivery boy/warehouse worker for his father's flooring and furniture company since he was 15. He performed all sorts of tasks at work, but getting into the big delivery truck and travelling around the GTA was his favourite part of the job. 

While going to post-secondary school in both Toronto and Ottawa, Jourdain played Junior 'A' hockey, and further pursued his passion for fitness as a personal trainer and hockey instructor. 

At age 23, and already self-employed (partially, anyways), Jourdain realized that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, just like his father. So, in 2011, while still personal training, Jourdain created JP Moves You.

The exercise, ability to travel, meeting new people and bonding with his crew, suited Jourdain perfectly. A year into the new venture, personal training had to take a back seat to his fast-growing moving career. The rest, as they say, is history. 

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